Journey through the gems of Gipuzkoa’s coastline – Basque Country

The current human yearning of urgently owning and covering all the hobbies/goods/status/have-to-be-to-places our neighbour, colleague, sister-in-law or latest Vogue’s newsletter states we have to do, possess, reach or definitely try, often leads us to a state of anxiety simply outrageous in a human being.

We mortals are meant to be in the here and now. That’s our natural state, the one in which we are just savouring the present moment and the restlessness of over-thinking whether we are doing the correct thing in the correct place at the correct time or we are not just melts away.

Needless to say this: «I´ll stay there just for a couple of days and I’m looking for the ultimate wrap route to see and do all what Lonely Planet says I have to in order to cross off the list», cliché, all of us have featured at some point in our lives, is part of that have to/need to vicious circle. We want to have it all, and we forget about the best part of it; the journey itself.

When we tell our overseas friends that we come from a little city called San Sebastian, that barely reaches 200.000 inhabitants and in which life is simply good, they just can’t but promise they’re definitely paying you a visit during their next trip to Europe.

If only they could save enough time in their tight schedules for it, this visual journey through the marvels of Gipuzkoa’s coastline would undoubtedly be top of their bucket list. Hondarribia, Jaizkibel, Pasaia, Ulia, San Sebastian, Igeldo, Orio, Zarautz, Getaria, Zumaia, Itziar and Deba. All of them draw an East to West 90 km long backdrop worth being enjoyed by foot, bike, boat, car or even helicopter, at least once in a lifetime.

Good things take time. So. No rush. Just enjoy the warm glow and the nice breeze from the ocean.

By Ane Eizaguirre Aguirre. Know more about her stories in Instagram: @livesimplyss

1. zumaia flysch
Zumaia´s flysch skeleton
2. zumaia port
Sailing boats – Zumaia´s port
3. Itziar Sakoneta
Luckiest cows on Earth – Sakoneta, Itziar
4. jaizkibel hike
Hikers in Jaizkibel. And some seagulls, too.
5. Orio coastline from Ernio´s summit
Orio from Ernio´s top
6. zarautz waves b&w
When off shore – Zarautz
7.sailing boat getaria san sebastian
Sailing the Bay of Biscay – Somewhere between San Sebastian and Getaria
8. zumaia roka puta surfer
Surfing Roka Puta – Zumaia
9. jaizkibel view from ulia
Not Hawaii. Jaizkibel´s view from Ulia
10. san sebastian fishermen
Fishermen in San Sebastian
11. getaria mouse arratoia raton
Getaria´s Mouse (Ratón de Getaria), from a different angle
12. itziar sunset
Getting ready for sunset time – Itziar
13. pasaia
Pasajes port entrance
14. itziar cant get enough wake up
Just can´t get enough
15. sakoneta waves
Sakoneta´s tricks – Itziar
16. zumaia bad weathered
Foggy morning – Zumaia
17. Zumaia wave watchers
Wave watchers – Roka Puta, Zumaia
18. hondarribia from hendaye france
Hondarribia seen from the neighbour country – Hendaye, France
19. deba off the cliffs
Deba´s cliffs
20. itziar skeleton flysch
When the tide goes down – Itziar
21. Igeldo sunset report
Sunset report – Igeldo
23. Zumaia Roka Puta
Roka Puta – Zumaia
24. san sebastian sunset zurriola
Dawn – Zurriola, San Sebastian
26. Getaria from the sailing boat
Sailor´s view of Getaria
27. igeldo sunset 2
Yes, we warned we were sunset lovers – Orio

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